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Gardening sparks creativity, heightens your senses, and connects you with nature. More and more studies show that gardening is a good form of functional fitness. When done correctly, gardening is a safe and healthy activity that gets you moving on different levels, and at different intensities. 


Gardening is demanding on the body. Raking, pushing, pulling, and lots of bending. There are times when you are working your muscles and getting stronger, and times when you are straining your muscles or joints and even getting injured. Learn a variety of ways to work in the garden that provides more ease. This program aims to find balance. Our garden is always changing and so is our body.




 In person or online presentations


Your Body in the Garden

This is a lively presentation with some audience participation. Get educational, practical information to create Long Lasting Gardeners! Members learn about ergonomic tools, modifications, time management, and other strategies for maintaining health and vigor. 1 hour


Ergonomic Tools

What are the best tools for you? That's what makes it ergonomic. The tool fits the gardener and the job. Susan demonstrates tools for each job in the garden and asks you to consider the best one for your body. She will also spend some time on how to sharpen tools.


Meet Me in the Garden Workshop 

This hands on workshop, done inside or outside, helps individuals evaluate their own gardening practices and identify problem areas. What has become difficult? How can we modify and adapt to make garden tasks easier?  Susan will guide members through warm up exercises and ways to increase strength for knees, shoulders, and backs.  The workshop will give members a chance to try different tools and discuss options.   Tool sharpening tutorial can also be added. 1 hour or 90 min.  


Getting Ready for the Garden

This class/ workshop, done inside or outside, focuses on learning easy exercises and strategies for your body in the garden. Susan helps individuals evaluate their own fitness and find ways to improve overall strength, flexibility, and fitness. 


Presentation plus Workshop- in person or online presentation

In this format, Susan will highlight the educational, practical information to create long lasting gardeners, and discuss tools and ergonomics. The last 30 minutes consists of tips about choosing the right tools, exercises for the gardener, and other techniques. 1 1/2 hours


These programs get you ready for the gardening season!





Susan Guest




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