Health Tips and Strategies for Long Lasting Gardeners



Be mindful and choose wisely.


  • Do warm up exercises before a strenuous task
  • Alternate your activities to avoid muscle strain
  • Evaluate your gardening practices
  • Make specific plans before heading into the garden 
  • Prepare your body: wear sunscreen, use proper footwear, bring water, and choose other aids
  • Examine your tools and think about purchasing Ergonomic tools
  • Make your garden more low maintenance
  • Work to increase your strength and flexibilty
  • Improve your whole experience by resting, finding more ease, enjoying it more!


Susan presents lively, interactive talks and demonstrations.

Presentations are one hour or can be customized. $300

 Presentation plus Workshop 90 minutes. $400

Meet Me in the Garden Workshop: one hour or 90 minutes.




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