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The Cottage Gardeners of Marblehead & Swampscott, Marblehead, MA

Our garden club enjoyed Susan Guest's presentation on Your Body in the Garden - Health Tips and Strategies for Long Lasting Gardeners. Susan gives an excellent coaching session on how to prepare our bodies for garden work, how to pace our garden maintenance, and how to select the best tools and aids to get the work done without injury. She emphasizes the importance of relaxation and absorbing the gardening experience.

Susan uses a slideshow and a display of actual conventional and adaptive tools to demonstrate the ease of working in the garden. She teaches several exercises and stances with audience participation. S​he is open to questions and easily communicated with individual club members after the presentation. Susan comes to the meeting well prepared and she works extremely well with program committees for a pleasant educational experience.



Newburyport Horticultural Society 

Thank you for speaking to the Newburyport Horticultural Society. I regret that I was late to your presentation but I got great relief from the part I did attend!  Thanks for giving permission to get rid of what isn't working- yes! If it doesn't spark joy, good bye! I've always just suffered along with the tools I have, many inherited from one or two generations gone. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


Newburyport Garden Club

We were so happy to have had the chance to hear this presentation! So many of our club members commented on how much they enjoyed this program. One woman felt it was the best one she has heard since she became a member about four years ago!  High praise!

I am expecting delivery today, of a couple of the ergonomic hand tools! THAT’S how much your talk influenced me with my rheumatoid arthritis issues, and I’ve gotten TWO sets because one of my daughters is a gardener too and is beginning to have some joint problems. 



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Susan Guest



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